Let’s Get Friendship Right.

In November of 2017 Skydiggers‘ co-founders, Josh Finlayson and Andy Maize found themselves turning to the healing power of music to deal with the recent loss of several friends and family members. A week-long writing retreat at the Banff Centre led to a recording session in early 2018 at The Tragically Hip’s The Bathouse Studio with engineer/producer Nyles Spencer, drummer Peter von Althen and multi-instrumentalist Aaron Comeau.

Initially intending to write and record a suite of songs chronicling the 5 stages of grief, the idea for the album gradually morphed into a nine-song celebration of the enduring relationships that have influenced, inspired and carried Josh and Andy through life’s fleeting passage… and to finding a way to overcome loss through music’s “good medicine”.

Album Credits
Produced by Nyles Spencer, Josh Finlayson & Andy Maize
Recorded & mixed by Nyles Spencer at The Bathouse, Bath, Ontario
Aaron Comeau – bass, keyboards, guitar
Peter von Althen – drums & percussion
Josh Finlayson – bass, keyboards, guitar
Andy Maize – vocals, piano, trumpet