MMN Again… May 13, 2019

20 – Searching

At the time of my 20th birthday I was lost… I’d graduated high school, spent the fall of 1978 drifting through half a semester at Western; drinking too much, feeling sorry for myself and heartbroken over the end of my first serious relationship. After I decided to drop out of school the ride home from London with dad that November was a very quiet one, and I’ll always be grateful to him for his silent yet supportive company.
I spent the months leading up to my 20th birthday living back home with my parents, working first as a car jockey and then in a muffler factory… but something else was happening… I discovered live music… I started spending evenings at the Hotel Isabella watching the Cameo Blues Band with singer Malcolm Tomlinson, or the Grottybeats in the basement, or catching the HiFis at the Cabana Room… the music threw me an anchor at a time when I needed it most… and then I heard the Stones’ Some Girls and a fella at the muffler factory lent me the Sex Pistols’ Great Rock ‘n’ Roll Swindle and a light went on… it wasn’t about technical ability on an instrument that was important to making this kind of music; it was about expressing oneself and the energy that that expression created… and I wanted to be a part of that… I needed to be a part of that… so I started daily scouring the Toronto Star musicians wanted classifieds… and suddenly things didn’t seem so bleak… I started going to auditions for “lead singer wanted”, failing miserably but passionately (usually to a guy with Robert Plant’s hair and his own microphone)… learning to deal with rejection in pursuit of a dream… as Josh wrote years later in “All of Our Dreaming”…
Well the turning point for me appeared
At an age it seemed I had no fear
I had found my way
And started down this road…
It’s never too late to follow your dreams…
May 13th, 2019