MMN… May 15, 2019

40 – Changes

Nearing my 40th birthday things had started to unravel in both my personal life and with the band… Andrea and I had a daughter, Chi-lin, who’s short time with us was a beautiful reminder of all that is truly important in this life… Chi died shortly before her 3rd birthday, when Andrea was 7 months pregnant with our 2nd child, Owen. Meanwhile, the lineup of the band had changed, the landscape of the Canadian music scene was changing and the band had reached a crossroads… we were finding it challenging to come to a consensus on how to proceed with making new recordings and we decided that it was time to pull back on the amount of touring that we had been doing for the past nearly 10 years… and so it was with grief and uncertainty, and as a father for the second time, that I came to my 40th birthday…

Sweet heartache, I know you far too well
Sweet heartache, I thought you couldn’t tell
But I’m here for you now
Determined to turn this around
Sweet heartache, let me rest a spell…


May 25th, 2019