A New Skydiggers Podcast!

Hear ye! Hear ye!

With the help of our friends Jane Gowan (interviewer), Joel Stewart (producer) and Tim Vesely (recording engineer) we’re pleased to announce that we have recorded a series of interviews (we’re calling Employee of the Myth) about the songs on our new recording, Hide Your Light, and to place them in context of the more than 35 years that Josh & I have been writing, recording and performing together. Each of the six episodes will feature one of the new songs from the EP, paired with another song from our catalogue, performed acoustically in the welcoming confines of the Woodshed recording studio. A perfect companion while walking the dog, washing the dishes or driving to your favourite unspecified destination, prepare to amaze your friends with your minute “behind the scenes” knowledge of Hide Your Light.
Fun for the whole family! New episodes available every second Tuesday from here to eternity… or the end of the summer.

We now return to our regular programming…

Carry on,

Andy and Josh


Listen Here: https://pods.to/eotm