A Slight Change of Plan

A Slight Change of Plan
Like you we’ve spent the past two months staying close to home, making sure our families and friends are safe & sound and wondering what comes next… the original concept (Hindsight 2020) we had of celebrating the past endeavours of the band through a sequential telling of the band’s story in combination with a series of unique releases and special concerts got as far as the release of our first album in 1990 before things got knocked off the rails on the 11th of March… our priorities shifted (as I’m sure yours did) and it got hard to concentrate on anything other than what was going on in the moment. But as my wise friend Josh once said, out of change comes opportunity…
and while we look forward to seeing you on the other side of this, we know that it could be quite some time before we can play live shows before an audience again… and this is not the time to put any more pressure on oneself than already exists on a daily basis… so we thought that we’d take the opportunity to tell the stories in the same way that our memories of past meaningful events well up when we go through a box of old letters, videos, books, cassettes… where you come across something that causes you to pause, to reflect, to remember… a person, a moment, a dream…
So it’s just a slight change of plan… a non-sequential telling of the band’s story through random thoughts until such time as we can get together again in person to create new memories… and if you want to continue to share your memories we’d love to hear from you… either through our FB Hindsight 2020 page, our mailing list or our Youtube channel, where we’ll be posting new videos and content throughout the rest of the year.
Thanks for taking the journey with us.
Andy o/b/o Skydiggers May 24th, 2020

Let’s Begin Again…
Two years ago we were part of an evening of friends and music at Massey Hall organized by Cowboy Junkies. Fortunately the show was recorded and videotaped, and we’d like to share some of that evening with you… beginning with, from May 24th, 2018, “Hello Beautiful Life”.

Massey Hall Footage Credits:

Andy Maize
Josh Finlayson
Jessy Bell Smith
Aaron Comeau
Michael Johnston
Noel Webb
Derrick Brady

Live Sound: Phil Presnal

Written by: Michael Johnston / Josh Finlayson / Andy Maize

May 24, 2018
Massey Hall
Toronto, ON

Video shot and edited by:
Mitch Fillion, Southern Souls