MMN again… May 16, 2019

50 – Hello Beautiful Life

By 2009 things had really turned around… a supportive partner, a growing son and being involved in co-founding a new internet retail and record company, MapleMusic and MapleMusicRecordings, got me back on track, working with a group of fantastic people and reminding me of why I loved music… I found inspiration in working and helping out with new artists, and that in turn led to renewed confidence in singing and making music… the addition of Noel Webb and Michael Johnston had injected new energy into the group leading to 2008’s City of Sirens and a 20th anniversary tour and compilation in 2009, The Truth About Us, encouraged by friend Kim Cooke… Josh, Ron and I appreciated how fortunate we were to be part of a community of like minded musicians and creators, and that we could continue not only as a band, but as a collective as well, and that once a Skydigger always a Skydigger… Paul MacLeod and Jessy Bell Smith joined us on many of those 20th anniversary shows, we had new management with Susan, Jude and Amanda and we continued to play special events with Peter and Andrew Cash…
“It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new life… for me… feeling good…”


May 16th, 2019