Monday Morning News… Again… May 6, 2019

No, not the movie… although Dudley Moore was pretty darn good… and it made Bo Derek many a teenage boy’s fantasy… but the birthday… the one when you’re just about past the age where someone laughs so hard at the table that they snort a combination of cola & cake out their nose… and in my case the birthday where I got everything I ever wanted, the birthday that has made all subsequent birthdays just a little less significant, the birthday where I got my heart’s desire; yes, I got the modifications for my green CCM bike…monkey handlebars and a red, with gold flecks, banana seat. At the time it felt like I was the last kid in the neighbourhood to get my bike souped up… and although I was a little late learning to ride and had a gift for falling off, a bike was a major part of one’s 10 year old identity…
I swore just before my birthday that year that if I got the monkey handlebars and banana seat that I would never ask for anything else… and other than a couple of life & death situations and radio airplay I think I’ve done a pretty good job of keeping my promise…
So the sun’s out and it’s a beautiful day, and as I walk through the streets of my neighbourhood to visit my nearly 94 year old mother I think about that birthday, that bike, and the happiness that a red banana seat and monkey handlebars brought me many years ago. I think I’ll tell mom and thank her again…
Yours on two wheels,
May 6th, 2019
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